3-day Juice Fast to Detox from Christmas
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3-day Juice Fast to Detox from Christmas

Start and end a fast slowly.

Fasting for nutrition, healing and detoxification has been around for ages. Historically it has been commonly used to heal illness. Today in the Western World it is commonly used to detoxify the digestive tract. Fasting works by allowing the body’s enzymes to enter the bloodstream instead of sitting in the stomach or intestine. The enzymes then dissolve any toxins in the blood, therefore cleansing the blood. If you are new to fasting a three day fast is a good idea. As with any fast always check with you doctor first to make sure you are in good enough health to be able to fast.

A couple of days prior to a juice fast you should start to eliminate components of your diet. Slowly eliminating parts of your diet will gently ease your body into a fast. If you do not enter slowly into a fast you could experience severe cramping, nausea and constipation or diarrhea. You don’t want to shock your system, you want to ease it into the cleansing process. Start by eliminating excess sugars such as soft drinks, coffee, snacks, breads and grains. Take a day or two to eliminate these and maintain a fruit and vegetable diet for one or two days. After a day or two on a fruit and vegetable diet eliminate fruit. Remember when you eliminate fruit you are eliminating a lot of water. Make sure you are drinking eight glasses of water throughout this entire process. The water will keep you hydrated as well as help to purify you.

During the fast you will only be drinking juice. During this time it is important to choose the right juice. Vegetable juice is highly recommended. Try to dilute your juice with filtered water. A 50/50 juice/water mixture is recommended. Ideally you will have access to a juicer and be able to juice your own veggies. Do not fear however if you do not. You can buy organic vegetable juice in the health food section of most grocery stores. The best juices to drink are carrot, beet, zucchini squash, celery, lettuce, sprouts and cabbage. Ideally you want to drink four eight-ounce glasses of juice a day. You will also notice that you will begin urinating more and having more bowl movements as you increase the liquids in your diet and begin to detoxify. Make sure you are able to rest frequently and do not participate in strenuous activity. This is a time to treasure your body.

After three days of strictly drinking juice you may start to come out of the fast. Similar to entering the fast you want to do this slowly so you do not shock your system. Your body has not had solid food in three days. If you do not ease back into solid food you are risking digestive problems again. Slowly exit your fast the way you entered it but in reverse. East vegetables for one day, introduce fruit with vegetables for one day and ease back into breads, meat and grains.

Fasting is a great way to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your body. It is recommended that you do a juice fast four times a year. A good way to remember this is at the turn of each season it’s time to fast!

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